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When a lion roars, the Maasai say the Lion is declaring, “This is my land, This is my land”. It is sad, however, that over the last 21 years, Lion numbers have plummeted by over 40% due to habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, and human conflict. Today, around 20,000 African Lions are left in the wild, and the rapidly declining species is classified as vulnerable.
Once roaming throughout the continent, African Lions are now only found in sub-Saharan Africa and have still disappeared from 12 sub-Saharan countries in recent times. Asiatic Lions once roamed the Middle East through to India, but today, the last remaining population of a few hundred Individuals is found in the Gir forest of India.
The African Lion is a keystone species and crucial to the health of the Africans avanna. They regulate the herbivore numbers and ensure the more dominant grazers do not out-compete other species. They keep the herds moving, ensuring no single area is overgrazed, thus maintaining healthy biodiversity. A percentage from each biltong pack sold will go towards Born Free’s lion conservation projects.

We Adopted A Lion Pride

We are proud to have adopted Elsa’s pride who still live in Kenya’s Meru National Park, where Elsa the lion from the book and movie Born Free was returned to the wild.

Born Free is a leading wildlife charity working for the welfare of animals in the wild and captivity. Every year, Born Free rescues and protects thousands of animals around the world. Whether this is funding anti-poaching patrols, key research initiatives, or providing lifetime care for rescued animals, the money they raise from their adoption program funds key work and helps to provide a better future for wildlife.


Money from the adoption is used for tracking and monitoring the lions. Working with the local communities to nurture tolerance and introduce mitigation measures to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Keep an eye on our social feeds for updates on how our Lions are doing.

We Are Founding Supporters Of An Epic Lion Conservation Project

We are very excited to share some news about a Lion Conservation project we are involved in. The landmark photographic book Lion: Pride Before The Fall has been published and we are proud to be one of the founder sponsors, acknowledged on page 175 of the book.

This awe-inspiring 176-page book, which depicts the lifecycle of the African lion in all its natural beauty, drama, and raw ferocity is brought to you by The Born Free Foundation. Conceived by critically acclaimed photographer George Logan, who is passionate about wildlife and a long-time supporter of The Born Free Foundation. George Logan has spent the last 10 years photographing lion prides across Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. The message of this book is very stark, Join the fight to protect the last remaining wild African lions….or risk losing them forever.

The book starts with a foreword written by wildlife campaigner, actress, and author Virginia McKenna OBE, co-founder of The Born Free Foundation. Virginia McKenna OBE who amongst other roles, is well known for portraying conservationist Joy Adamson in the true-life film, Born Free.

The book is in a large format hardback coffee table book,

featuring some of the most amazing photographs of the African lion.

The book is available to purchase from The Born Free Foundation, with a standard copy costing £45 and the limited edition signed by George Logan and Virginia McKenna OBE costing £250. In addition to the book, a collection of 12 stunning limited-edition prints are available to purchase in three sizes from George Logan’s website.

The profits from the sale of this book will support, protect, and help re-establish the Last Lions of Meru in Kenya. Meru National Park was home to Elsa, the Lioness made famous by the book Born Free by Joy Adamson and by the film of the same name. Elsa’s pride still resides in Meru and iamcarnivore is sponsoring this pride.

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